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S. Thompson Tree Services are professional NPTC qualified tree surgeons offering tree surgery and tree felling services in Barnsley and throughout South Yorkshire.
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Straight Tree Felling.

Straight felling is removal of trees in a single unit.
This can only be carried out where there is sufficient space to fell the trees without risking damage to nearby property.

The felling is controlled using appropriate wedges and guide ropes to ensure that the trees fall in a contained and safe way.

Examples of straight felling work

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Sectional Felling & Dismantling.

Sectional dismantling methods are used where space limitations present a risk of damage to property or harm to the public during the felling process. As the name suggests, the tree is removed in sections using step cuts.

As each section of the tree is removed, it is brought to the ground by the tree surgeon using controlled throws and lowering ropes when required.

Sectional Felling & Dismantling Examples

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Pollarding is a heavy pruning system where upper tree branches are removed to promote an increase in the density of new growth and thicker foliage.

For some species of fast growing trees such as poplar and willow, regular pollarding maintenance is needed to prevent them from growing out of control.

Our tree surgeons are all fully qualified and trained to carry out pollarding to a very high standard.

Pollarding Work Gallery

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Crown Lifting / Reduction.

In Crown lifting, the lower level tree branches are removed so that tree canopy starts higher from the ground.

This may need to be carried out for a number of reasons such as providing better access under the tree, to improve sight lines or simply to allow more light to penetrate the ground.

When carried out correctly, crown lifting does much less damage to the tree than other forms of pruning and is best done in steps over a period of time.

Crown Lifting / Reduction Gallery

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This is carried out to remove large branches from the tops of trees and or sections of trunks from the top of trees.

On completion of the topping work, the remaining stubs and lateral branches will be too small to continue growing as a terminal leader and further growth in overall height of the tree is therefore prevented.

Topping Gallery

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Stump Removal.

We can provide complete removal of tree stumps and any lateral roots.

Generally speaking, stumps and roots are removed to a depth of between 150 to 300mm although we can also remove these to specific depths as required.

Our tree surgeons are equipped with modern stump grinding machinery which enables us to quickly carry out stump removal with minimal disruption.

Once removed, the holes left by the stumps can be back filled with soil or chippings to leave a level area of ground.

Stump Removal & Stump Grinding Work